Building fast and efficient

If you invest in a modular building, you will be able to experiment with various opportunities for your business. Such a cabin can be transported to another place without much effort and, what is more, it can be easily modified. You can adapt its size and colour to your needs, as well as its exact purpose of use. For example, it can be a coffee kiosk, a garage, a portable office or an industrial warehouse. KC Solution provides you with modular buildings of the highest standard, which are made from solid materials, at affordable prices.

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Roller doors

Roller doors are not only elegant, but also very practical. As they are moving up while opening, there is no need for any additional space. What is more, they can be enhanced with extremely solid locks, what prevents you from any burglaries or other intrusions. It is an innovative electronic device, which can be controlled remotely, for your full convenience. There are many high-quality roller doors available in the SM Solution online store and you can order them anywhere across Ireland. Read more

SM Solution
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SA Builders from London can perform any refurbishing task for you. For instance, if you need to change the appearance of your walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, doors, etc., you can order their painting and decorating service. It includes also wallpapering, spray painting, plastering and moulding. Apart from that, they can install any kitchen or bathroom appliances. Moreover, their offer includes soundproofing, what is very useful when your work makes a lot of noise or if you would like to listen to loud music any time.