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Those, who care about comfort and contemporary design will certainly enjoy having a fireplace that runs on bioethanol fire. This kind of installation is characterised by an easy use, and a beautiful and simple appearance. It is important to remember to buy the appropriate bioethanol. The most important aspect is that it should leave no residue after it is burnt. A good fuel does not have a smell and the only final product of its burning should be warmth and steam. Visit the Lovter website to get more information.

Lipowa 3, 30-702 Kraków,
504 455 825
Filling and labeling machines


It is important to choose the best filling and labeling machines for your factory, so that they could work properly and make your business more beneficial. Therefore, you should find a well-appreciated producer that applies the most efficient and innovative solutions in its machinery. JK-Maschinenbau is a good suggestion, as they are renowned on the European market and highly experienced in their branch. There are numerous semi- and fully automatic filling and labeling machines in their offer.

Kmiecik e.K
Spechtstraße 83, 45772 Marl,
+49 2365 207859
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Junk disposal Rubbishcut London

Rubbishcut LTD is a renowned junk disposal company from London that have already successfully cleaned numerous places in the whole capital and around it. They always keep in it mind that such a service should be performed in a way that would not harm the natural environment, so they have as high as 80% recycling rate. They can take any junk that is cluttering your house or office, including old radiators, TV sets, computers, beds, chairs, mattresses or refrigerators, to mention but a few.

Rubbishcut LTD
Robin Court 2 Turnstone Close Edgware, NW9 5DP London,
+44 20 8826 9525
Soundproofing London

If you work in an environment that is particularly loud, or your neighbours do not allow you to develop your hobby because it is too noisy, try soundproofing. SA BUILD offers soundproofing all over London. According to your needs, our experienced and specialised crew can soundproof either the whole room or just walls, floors or ceilings. We can also recommend specific soundproofing materials. If you want to enjoy your favourite music or movies, regardless of time of the day, visit out website and contact us.

SA Build
38 Dryburgh Gardens, NW9 9TX London,
0208 204 6956
Best salon


Beauty salon in Waterford, Be Beauty, provides a solution to the demand of Irish women. Be Beauty offers services for younger (e.g. laser hair removal, body massage) and more mature women (dermabrasion, wrinkle filling ). Every woman will feel firmer and more beautiful when leaving Be Beauty. The staff cares deeply about the friendly atmosphere in the salon so clients will feel relaxed.

Be beauty salon & nail bar
Osmond House, Anne Street, X91 HX40 Waterford,
+353 85 777 7584
Auto Spa Tidy Job

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Tidy Job provides you with, among other things, domestic cleaning services in Dundee and around it. You can order it with various frequencies, for example, once a month, a fortnight or a week. What is more, it is also possible to call them just for a one-time cooperation, when you need your place to be neat and shiny for some special occasion. They can do the cleaning before or after a party, when you are moving in or out, as well as without any particular reason. The range of the covered work depends on your individual requests.

Tidy Job
25 Baldovan Terrace, D4 6NQ Dundee
Telefon: 07795849547
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Thanks to socks 5 proxy, you can make your website appear as it was created in another country. It makes your offer more reliable for clients from other parts of the world and create many other possibilities. Therefore, it is definitely worth buying such a proxy in PremSocks online shop, where you can buy the ones from Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom and Mexico, to mention but a few. All of them are secure and will not harm your computer for sure.
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Rubbishcut Harrow

Rubbish clearance in Harrow, Ealing, Kensington or any other area in London and around it is the main speciality of Rubbishcut LTD team. They will take care of any house, office or garden you name, as well as a construction site. They can get rid of not only old equipment or pieces of furniture, but also rubble, plasterboards and other non-hazardous waste. They work in accordance with all the latest British regulations and they have the complete necessary equipment, such as shovels, bags and others.

Rubbishcut LTD
Robin Court 2 Turnstone Close Edgware, NW9 5DP London,
Telefon: +44 20 8826 9525
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Rubbish clearance Enfield

Rubbishcut LTD team has performed rubbish removal in London on a daily basis for over 4 years now, thus they are immensely experienced and skilful now. The previous customers usually recommend their services to their friends and relatives, as they are fully content with the final result. Moreover, Rubbishcut LTD often gives the items that can still be used to charities or recycle them. For a start, they can provide you with a free quotation, proving it to you how low their prices are. Do not hesitate and contact them now for cheap and effective rubbish clearance in Enfield or anywhere you want in London! More you can find uder this link.

Rubbishcut LTD
Robin Court 2 Turnstone Close Edgware, NW9 5DP London,
Telefon: +44 20 8826 9525
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JK – Maschinenbau filling machines

JK – Maschinenbau is a producer particularly specialized in modern filling machines. As they are based on the latest technologies, they can provide you with the highest level of effectiveness. Moreover, most of them need only vestigial supervision or even none, what appears as a very economic solution. There are many models available there and they are made particularly for a given type of container, such as a jar, bottle, can or a tube. Moreover, it is also explained which type of material should be used with each of the filling machines.

Kmiecik e.K
Spechtstraße 83, 45772 Marl,
Telefon: +49 2365 207859
Perfect packages

Plastic packaging tubes are more and more common in various industries, such as chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ones, to mention but a few. Mpack produces and examines them carefully, so that they would be perfect for a particular material. What is more, you can use your imagination and design your own tube on their website, as well as ask their expert to do it for you. You can also view the gallery of their already finished projects and make sure that they are reliable.

MPack Sp. z o.o.
Sobiekursk 26a, 05-480 Karczew,
woj. mazowieckie
Telefon: 22 780 05 00
Famous company


Opolgraf is a company specialized in book printing. They are famous for their professionalism and highest standard of production all around Europe. For this reason, they are chosen by such well-known international publishers as Macmillan, Lexis Nexis or Lektor Klett. Their services meet all the strict requirements of publishing and they are being constantly enhanced. Apart from digital or traditional printing, you can be provided with sewn sheets, embossed covers or selective lacquering, to name but a few.

Mieczysława Niedziałkowskiego 8, 45-085 Opole,
woj. opolskie
Telefon: 77 454 52 44
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Mpack Tubes

If you need high-standard plastic tube packaging, Mpack will be the right choice. Throughout over 8 years of their existence on the European market, they have managed to learn a lot and equip their machinery park with the most modern and effective electronic devices. As the quality of their products is truly crucial to them, they order careful laboratory tests, before the plastic tube packaging is delivered to a customer. What is more, they have developed an efficient reservation system, hence they can always stick to deadlines.

MPack Sp. z o.o.
Sobiekursk 26a, 05-480 Karczew,
woj. mazowieckie
Telefon: 22 780 05 00
It outsourcing companies


CodeConcept is one of the most trustworthy IT outsourcing companies on the market. Their service is a great opportunity to develop your business, applying the most modern solutions. What is particularly important, it can reduce costs and increase your profits at the same time. You do not have to employ specially educated expert for every task, but you can benefit from the diverse team working at CodeConcept instead. It creates many new ways of development and makes it possible to launch innovative projects.

CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.
Toszecka 101, 44-100 Gliwice,
woj. śląskie
Telefon: 32 230 02 90